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Last Updated At: 05/27/2024

Streamline Email Management with Kanban Tasks in Gmail

Explore how having the power of a Kanban board right inside your Google Mail or Gmail can transform your inbox into an organized, efficient workspace.

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Managing emails can often seem like a daunting, never-ending task, especially when your inbox is constantly flooded with new messages. Luckily, Kanban Tasks, integrated with Google Mail, can transform your email management by organizing your inbox into a more structured, visually appealing workflow. Kanban Tasks is a user-friendly Kanban board natively integrated into your Gmail. This innovative approach not only enhances visibility but also significantly boosts productivity.

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Integrating Kanban with Gmail

Gmail, a key component of Google Workspace, is a staple for personal and professional communication. However, without proper management, your inbox can quickly become overwhelming. This is where Kanban Tasks steps in. By employing the Kanban technique within Google Mail, users can visualize their email tasks just like any other project management board.

The idea is simple but powerful: Convert your emails into tasks in 'Your First Board', or any of the custom boards that you've created. These, along with the due dates, get reflected in your central task hub or the 'Get Work Done' board. This brings clarity and an actionable structure to your inbox, making email management less stressful and more productive.

Setting Up Your Kanban Board in Gmail

Starting with Kanban in your Google Mail is straightforward. Here is a quick guide on setting up your Kanban board:

  1. Install the Tool: First, add the Tooling Studio Chrome Plugin to integrate Kanban Tasks with your Google Mail.
  2. Create Your Board: Open your Google Mail and look for the Kanban icon. Click on it to set up your first board.
  3. Customize Columns: Customize columns based on your workflow. You might have columns like "To Do," "In Progress," and "Done" or any other system that suits your work style.
  4. Email-to-Task Conversion: You can convert emails into tasks directly on your Kanban board through an easy drag-and-drop functionality or a 'Click to Tasks' feature. This ensures that important emails are not forgotten and are properly tracked alongside other tasks.

Customizing Your Kanban System

Every individual’s workflow is unique, which is why customization is key. You can tailor your Kanban board to fit your specific needs in Google Mail. Customize your columns to reflect your stages of email processing, add due dates to tasks, or use labels to prioritize. You can even create multiple boards for different purposes—for example, separate boards for client interactions, team updates, and personal emails.

Boosting Productivity in Email Management

The visualization of your emails as tasks helps you prioritize more effectively and manage your time better. By reducing the clutter in your inbox and segmenting emails into manageable tasks, Kanban promotes a cleaner work environment. The drag-and-drop functionality within Google Workspace, provided by the Tooling Studio’s Kanban Tasks, ensures that your productivity is never hindered by a disorganized inbox.

Furthermore, by limiting the number of tasks in your "In Progress" column, you can focus on the most critical emails, ensuring you respond to them promptly without feeling overwhelmed.


The integration of Kanban Tasks within Google Mail by Tooling Studio is designed to make your email management as seamless as possible. If you're looking to revamp your email productivity strategy and manage your communications more effectively, consider setting up a Kanban board directly within your Gmail. For more information or to start optimizing your email workflow, visit Tooling Studio and begin your journey towards a more productive inbox today.

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