Kanban Tasks vs TasksBoard

This comparison covers the differences between Kanban Tasks and TasksBoard. Learn how each improves workflow in Google Workspace by providing unique task and project management features.

Kanban Tasks vs TasksBoard

Task management and project management tools help individuals and teams organize, track, and complete tasks and projects efficiently. Task management tools focus on organizing individual tasks, while project management tools encompass larger projects with multiple tasks and team members.

Task management tools focus on organizing individual tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking progress. Project management tools offer broader functionalities, facilitating planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and team coordination. These tools streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity.

Both types of tools commonly offer features such as task lists, deadlines, progress tracking, collaboration tools, and reporting capabilities. They help you streamline workflows, improve communication, and increase productivity, making them essential for businesses of all sizes. They can also be integrated with other software, deliver customizable features, and provide insights through analytics, ensuring efficient project execution from start to finish.

But it all comes down to how you pick the right one that suits your requirements. So, here's Tooling Studio's very own Kanban Tasks up against the popular TasksBoard.

What is Kanban Tasks?

Tooling Studio’s Kanban Tasks Chrome extension is a perfectly integrated task management solution for Google Workspace, packed with uncomplicated features. It completely leverages the Google Workspace Apps package to enhance workflows and transform productivity for people as well as businesses.

This tool is designed to enhance the capacities of Google Workspace devotees, drawing inspiration from the well-known standouts of the Kanban project management approach. It streamlines keeping track of progress and allows optimal project management by leveraging Kanban's ingrained ability to visually classify projects on a unified interface.

Kanban Tasks: Features

Collaborative, Dynamic, and Visual Kanban Board Experience

Kanban is one of the oldest and most used project management systems, known for its simplicity and versatility. Its user-friendliness makes it a popular choice, and the ability to see the entire project on a single screen greatly simplifies progress monitoring. 

The Kanban Tasks extension makes use of the simplicity and versatility of Kanban project management systems. It helps you to effortlessly integrate your Google Tasks with an intuitive Kanban Board within your Google Workspace environment. The design closely resembles a native Google integration for fluid and simplified task management ensuring focus and productivity without detours. The Beta phase allows users to access free of cost.

Unified Task Center

The "Get Work Done" board is Kanban Tasks's principal task hub, acting as the default focus point for all boards and lists. Tasks from many boards converge here, giving users an organized view. All assignments come labeled with their due date, giving users an in-depth overview of their imminent responsibilities. When users launch the extension, they are taken to this main hub, where they will see two key categories: "Todo Today" and "Todo This Week." This strategic layout helps with work prioritizing to ensure key tasks are done promptly without slipping through deadlines.

Reliable Second Default Board

"Your First Board," the second default board available to all users, streamlines task management by providing infinite task lists, subtasks, and notes, all with simple functionality. Users may also benefit from different sorting order choices, ensuring that their tasks are well organized and easily accessible for maximum productivity.

Kanban View

The Kanban View feature allows users to easily stack work by choosing between a standard list view and an intuitively visual Kanban board view.

Unlimited Lists

Kanban Tasks allows users to compose infinite lists within any board (the exception being the 'Get Work Done' board). These lists are adaptable task containers, allowing users to add holistic comments to each task and subtask, alongside a wide range of other configurable features.

Comprehensive Task View

Within the tool, users can access extensive task views that include descriptions filled with a powerful text editor, checklists, due dates, and additional functionalities. Users may receive a detailed view of any task by just clicking on it, displaying all relevant details.

Easily Meet Deadlines

Kanban Tasks's flexibility allows users to define deadlines and due dates, ensuring that they always meet a deadline. These deadlines are automatically reflected in the 'Due Today' and 'Due This Week' lists on the 'Get Work Done' board, ensuring that they are constantly visible in your workplace. With this uninterrupted visibility, you'll never fall behind on your work.

Productive Checklists

The Kanban Tasks plugin allows users to streamline task management using functional checklists. You may essentially list items and mark them as complete with a simple checkbox by adding checklists to each task. This functionality is faster and more efficient than creating subtasks, especially when task details are included.

Superior Task Descriptions

Create complex job descriptions with ease using our simple What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor. Organizing material becomes a snap when you have formatting options like bullet points and bold text at your disposal. Improve clarity and visual appeal by including readability and learning characteristics, ensuring that your task descriptions are both useful and visually appealing.

Agile Power

Kanban Tasks, which support Agile working techniques, successfully cut work barriers by enabling new tasks to begin only when sufficient capacity is available to accomplish them. The visual depiction of every task with due dates enables good backlog management, ensuring activities are prioritized and done effortlessly

Minimized Tool Switching

Users can smoothly shift between phases of their workflow by having all tasks available in the same interface, neutralizing the need to navigate between multiple applications.

What is TasksBoard?

TasksBoard is a ‘A desktop app for Google Tasks’. It’s an application that allows you to manage your Google Tasks using a full-screen Kanban board. Google Tasks may be assigned, shared, and managed using a full-screen Kanban board. It facilitates real-time collaboration across teams, allowing businesses and individuals to become more agile. It is free, however, users should upgrade to the premium version to have access to more features. 

TasksBoard supports improved task management with a simple and easy interface in a standalone view. It isn't fully integrated in your Google Workspace. Users could see a visual representation of all their tasks and even drag and drop them from one list to another (to move them along a workflow timeline). The best part about TasksBoard is the focus the full-screen kanban board brings.

TasksBoard: Features

Use Lists to Organize Tasks

On the main Kanban board, you can organize your tasks into separate lists. On top of that, there is an easy drag-and-drop tool that allows you to rearrange your tasks and set them in the list of your choice. 

Adding Lists to the Main Board 

You have access to one central Kanban board that can display all of your task lists. You may rename the board, customize its backdrop, or forward it to other team members. 

Sort & Export Lists 

Different lists can be sorted by due date. You may also export your task lists to Google Sheets if you feel inclined.

Duplicate, Delete, or Rename Lists

You can duplicate existing lists as needed. You may also rename lists at any time and delete those that are no longer needed.

A Comparison of What Separates Kanban Tasks from TasksBoard

Kanban Tasks and TasksBoard are two powerful task management tools acknowledged for their broad spectrum of capabilities and user-friendly interfaces. The following is a quick comparison of their features, illustrating why Kanban Tasks outperforms TasksBoard.

Native Design Benefits

TasksBoard is a desktop app for Google Tasks. Kanban Tasks is a Chrome extension designed with Google Workspace power users in mind, it’s integrated natively in your Google environment. One of the biggest benefits is that users can smoothly switch within the Google environment, eliminating the need to switch between tabs. Kanban Tasks allows users to efficiently access and manage all of their tasks without having to leave their Google Workspace apps. 

A Centralized Task Hub 

Kanban Tasks's major feature is its main board, naturally called 'Get Work Done.' This default board serves as the core hub, giving users a crisp breakdown of tasks categorized as 'Todo Today' and 'Todo This Week' depending on their due dates. This configuration allows users to efficiently prioritize their workflow, allocating their time to the most essential tasks. Even when TasksBoard provides a consolidated view of all tasks, it lacks due date segregation.

Late Entry Advantage

Kanban Tasks, the newest competitor in the task organization software market, has a significant edge, especially among Google Tasks users. Kanban Tasks can quickly help Google Workspace power users acquire momentum by combining features that truly resonate with them.

Kanban Tasks's unique selling point enables it to map up a niche and attract consumers looking for an integrated solution that addresses their unique requirements and preferences.

Flexible and User-Friendly

Kanban Tasks mobility offers an edge in workflow tweaking by providing an in-depth and customized method for task visibility. Its multitude of capabilities, including due dates, checklists, descriptions, and sub-tasks, provide users with the freedom of definite task management.

Moreover, its user-friendly interface and easy navigation allow users easy access to all features without encountering additional challenges. This combination of flexibility and usability enables successful task and project management, allowing users to personalize workflows to their specific requirements without facing firm formats or hard learning angles.

Features Comparison Between Kanban Tasks and TasksBoard

Kanban Tasks is the ideal solution for an integrated Kanban Board experience in Google Workspace, providing an intuitive approach to task management in an accustomed Google environment. Unlike TasksBoard, it has an easy UI and works seamlessly with the Google Workspace suite to improve productivity and task management.

Kanban Tasks vs. TasksBoard
Features Kanban Tasks TasksBoard
Lists and Boards
Sub Tasks
Central Hub of Tasks
3rd Party Integration Coming Soon
Team Collaboration Coming Soon
Visibility of Due Dates
Embedded in Google Workspace
Near Native Google Design
Drag-n-Drop Task Management

End Note

Kanban Tasks has many beneficial features, such as infinite boards and lists, simple drag-and-drop task management, checklist generation, markdown task notes, and a lot more. It is an all-encompassing tool that is an easy and adaptable work management solution, specifically for Google Workspace users. Whether you're looking for a task management tool that integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace or a native Kanban Board experience, Kanban Tasks is the ideal solution, facilitating users to easily transform their workflows.

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