Kanban Tasks

A native Kanban Board in your Google Workspace

Easily view and manage your Google Tasks on a Kanban Board. Create multiple boards, share the boards with your teammates (coming soon!) and drag and drop your tasks like there is no tomorrow.

  • ⭐️ Integrated with Google Tasks
  • 🎯 Create Boards, Lists and Tasks
  • 🎨 Native Google Design so you stay focussed
Check updates here. 💰 Kanban Tasks is completly free in beta!
Kanban Tasks


Seamless Streamlining of Tasks

Kanban Tasks is a seamlessly integrated Kanban Board inside your Google Workspace! The native task board features of this extension for Google Chrome simplify the viewing and managing of Google tasks ensuring streamlined task management. Explore further with our beginner's guide.

Kanban Boards
Sign in and get started with two default boards: 'Get Work Done' and 'Your First Board', along with the flexibility to add unlimited additional boards. Cheers to a smooth glide toward productivity!
Unlimited Lists
Every board, except the 'Get Work Done' board, allows you to add Tasklists. You can add notes to each task and sub-tasks (and a lot of other customizable options). Clarity in task specifics, no confusion.
Due Dates
Every board, except the 'Get Work Done' board, allows you to add due dates, which gets automatically reflected in the 'Due Today' & 'Due This Week' lists in the 'Get Work Done' board. There is no excuse to miss a deadline now!
Every task allows you to add checklists. This is a list of checkmark items which is more efficient and quick than sub tasks, for those times you want to add some necessary details.
Rich Descriptions
Add rich descriptions, using the intuitive What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor, use bullets and bold text and a lot more to make sure you organise your descriptions.
Get Work Done
To streamline your tasks, the 'Get Work Done' board is a default board that automatically reflects tasks with due dates which are 'Due Today' or 'Due This Week'. So it helps you prioritize your tasks.
Showing the Kanban Task Application with a filled Kanban Board integrated in Google Workspace

A Native Productivity Integration for Google Workspace

Seamlessly Sync and Prioritize Your Tasks with Kanban and Google Workspace: Get a Bird's Eye View and Tackle 'To Do Today' and 'To Do This Week' Lists for Ultimate Productivity

  • Leave No Task Behind The thoughtfully-designed Kanban Tasks Extension takes into account all your tasks by syncing perfectly with Google. There is no way your tasks get ignored.
  • Every Deadline at a Glance 'Get Work Done' Boards gives you a birds eye view of all the tasks (including native tasks) with respective deadlines.
  • Ultimate Task Prioritization By reviewing 'To Do Today' and 'To Do This Week' task lists, you'll instantly identify priorities, gain fresh perspectives, and reach your goals.

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Kanban Tasks
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