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You can always learn from someone. At Tooling Studio we want to help you become more efficient at your work without losing the quality you are used to by integrating seamlessly with Google Workspace.


Person working at a desk in a bright, modern office with large windows, green plants, and a Google logo on the wall
Google Workspace for Startups: A Guide to Empower Your Small Business
Google Workspace for startups. Wondering why Google Workspace is a game-changer for small startups? Here's a comprehensive guide to set up Googl...
Detailed Kanban board with numerous sticky notes in an office setting
The Ultimate Guide to Creating Effective To-Do Lists
Unlock the secret to getting more done with well-crafted to-do lists. By the end of this blog, you’ll also discover a great visual Kanban board-...
cluttered desk with disorganized papers on one side and organized workspace with task management tools on the other side
7 Common Task Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Ever feel overwhelmed by too many tasks? You're not alone! Let's explore common task management mistakes and learn how to make life less hectic....
Illustration of organizing tasks using Google tools with calendars, reminders, charts, and digital devices for 2024.
Mastering Task Organization: A Complete Guide to Using Google Tools in 2024
Task organization software comes in handy when it comes to unlocking efficient task management. Explore top tips to effortlessly organize your w...
Abstract art representing getting things done; with a black circle, bright smaller circles moving towards it.
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Things Done (GTD)
Conquer your to-do list with this ultimate guide on Getting Things Done (GTD). Discover top task management tools to organize tasks effectively ...
3D illustration of a Kanban board-style email organization in Gmail, highlighting dragging and dropping mail into boards
Streamline Email Management with Kanban Tasks in Gmail
Explore how having the power of a Kanban board right inside your Google Mail or Gmail can transform your inbox into an organized, efficient work...
Colorful illustration of a Kanban board in Google Sheets displayed on a laptop with various productivity icons and elements around it
How to Create an Effective Kanban Board in Google Sheets
Explore the step-by-step guide on setting up a Kanban board in Google Sheets. This post will take you through the process of creating columns an...
Futuristic 3D illustration of a Kanban board with vibrant checklists displayed in a virtual reality environment, highlighting task management and productivity tools
How to Create an Effective Kanban Board with Checklists in Google Tasks
Explore the steps to build a customized Kanban board in Google Tasks, complete with checklists to enhance task management. This guide provides a...
A illustrated river of productivity
Mastering Kanban with G Suite: Streamline Your Workflow for Maximum Efficiency
Discover how the synergy of Kanban and G Suite can transform your workflow. Learn how to implement a Kanban system using Google Sheets and Googl...
abstract image showing google
Exploring Google's Kanban Board: A Modern Tool for Streamlined Task Management
Discover how Google's Kanban Board can revolutionize your approach to task management. Learn how this modern tool can help you visualize tasks, ...
an illustration showing efficient task management in various icons
Mastering Efficient Task Management with Google Workspace
Unlock the power of Google Workspace for seamless task management. Explore tips and strategies to enhance productivity and collaboration across ...
abstract image showing productivity in Google Workspace
Integrating Enhanced Kanban Boards into Google Workspace for Optimal Productivity
Discover practical ways to boost your productivity by integrating enhanced Kanban boards directly into Google Workspace. Learn how to customize ...
showing the difference of organising by using kanban
Demystifying Kanban: A Beginner's Guide to Visual Workflow Management
Discover how Kanban tasks and Google Kanban can revolutionize your project management in our latest blog post. Learn to streamline your workflow...
A annoying scope creep creature, creeping up to a person working behind a laptop
Managing Scope Creep: 9 Top Tips to Keep Projects on Track
Learn to manage Kanban Tasks and prevent Scope Creep with effective strategies to keep your software projects on track and within budget...
Virtual Reality Headset wearer sitting in a chair multi tasking smoothly
Decreasing the Switch Cost Effect: The Efficiency of Kanban Tasks for Google Workspace
Want to reduce switch cost effect by enhancing focus & productivity? Try Kanban Tasks for Google Workspace to minimize frequent task-switching ...
a mobile device showing a gps interface with 3rd party app stores as icons
Navigating the Pros and Cons of Building Plugins for Third-Party Stores!
Explore the upsides and challenges of building third-party plugins and extensions. Learn to leverage user bases, navigate policy constraints, an...
Someone sketching on a whiteboard. It captures the essence of a creative and informal work environment.
My Experience in Building a Chrome Plugin
Discover my experience on building a Chrome Plugin that integrates a Kanban Board with Google Workspace, enhancing task management and increasin...
Brainstorming and Productivity Strategies
4 Simple Strategies That I Use to Unlock My Imagination & Productivity
Discover four effective strategies to boost creativity and productivity, perfect for digital nomads and indiehackers....
Analytical header showcasing competitor analysis and technical integration strategies for Google Workspace Tools, featuring charts and Google Workspace icons
Competitive Edge in Google Workspace Tools Integration
Delve into a detailed competitor analysis of the Google Workspace Tools market offering insights into Gmail integration, API challenges, and the...
Showing Kanban boards, Google Workspace icons, and task management tools for a blog post on Kanban Tasks.
The Top Features of Ideal Task Management Software
Discover how Kanban Tasks revolutionizes task management in Google Workspaces. Explore 13 essential features that set it apart from native Googl...
Kanban board of Kanban Tasks
Kanban View - The Power of Organized Simplicity
Kanban Board is a visual representation of workflow, showcasing tasks in a dynamic and organized manner. It's a tool that helps in managing work...
Bold and distinct header showcasing Opinionated Design principles with unique fonts and layouts for a blog on digital product uniqueness.
Opinionated Design; if you please everyone, you will please no one
Dive into the world of Opinionated Design in digital product creation. Discover how embracing a strong, clear point of view in design and functi...