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How to use Kanban Tasks in Google Workspace

Welcome to the seamlessly integrated Kanban Board inside your Google Workspace!

Tooling Studio Kanban Tasks Extension is an effortless way to  view and manage your Google Tasks on a Kanban Board. It is seamlessly integrated into your Google Workspace offering a native task board feature in Google. 

Let's get started. 

  1. Download and install the Kanban Tasks Extension in your Chrome browser.

  2. After the installation  you can log in to the extension using your Google account.

  1. A pop-up window will appear requesting permission to access tasks from your Gmail Inbox and Google Tasks. The extension seamlessly syncs tasks from your Google account to enable you to easily view and manage your Google Tasks on a Kanban Board. It helps you see the big picture by giving a clear view of your and your team’s entire to-do list and thereby prioritize tasks efficiently.


  1. Access the extension's Task icon conveniently located on the left-hand side of the Navigation Rail of Google Workspace providing direct access to your native Kanban Board within your Google Workspace.

  1. Upon opening, you will see two default Boards: 'Get Work Done' and 'Your First Board'.
  • Get Work Done: this is our opinionated design choice. Here you'll find 2 lists: Todo Today and Todo This Week, your tasks with due dates that fall in that category will show up here neatly divided by board and list.
  • Your First Board: This is the board that if you have Tasks in Google's native environment that will show up here. You can rename this board but you can't delete or delete the first list in this board. We always need a place to set those Google Tasks when we don't recognize them yet!
  1. You can add boards using the 'Add Board' option. To manage these additional boards, simply click on the three dots located at the right end to rename or delete them. For more board options, upgrading your plan will unlock expanded premium capabilities like adding more than 3 boards. (Please note that everything is free in the beta version.)

  1. The 'Get Work Done' Board includes two tasklists: 'Todo Today' and 'Todo This Week'.

  1. In 'Your First Board,' you'll find a 'My Tasks' list, where you can begin adding tasks by clicking the + symbol. You can add task names and notes to each task.

  2. Enhance the functionality of each task by selecting options through the three dots menu. The options are as indicated in this screenshot below.

  1. When you 'Add Due Date' to a task, it will be highlighted in blue (due this week) or green (due today) at the top of the task.

  1. These tasks with due dates will automatically appear in either the 'Todo Today' or 'Todo This Week' lists on the 'Get Work Done' Board based on the selected Due Date.

Tasks due today will be listed in the 'Due Today' list, while tasks due by the end of the week (Friday of the current week) will be found in the 'Due This Week' list. This ensures clear visibility and easy organization of your tasks, allowing you to prioritize effectively at the beginning of each day and week. To avoid duplication, a task will not appear in both lists.

  1. To mark a task and its subtasks as completed, simply click on the blue tick next to the task name. If you wish to mark only a subtask as completed, click on the blue tick next to the 'Subtask' button.

  1. In both the default and additional Boards, setting due dates for tasks is effortless with the intuitive due date dragger. Simply drag and drop tasks from 'Todo Today' and 'Todo This Week' into the appropriate due date boxes.

  1. Clicking on a Task will open the Task Detail Modal. You can add a Rich Description and add a checklist for this Task here. This gives you a more detailed view of the task and all it's content.